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eCommerce Development

eCommerce Development

Ownly digital is the best eCommerce Development company In India. Our company is considered as the most reliable eCommerce developers in India. eCommerce provides the best solutions to set up your online store with the integrated shopping cart and payment gateway. eCommerce development allows you to sell your products online with your eCommerce store. We are having a team of experts eCommerce developers who maintain high-quality standards and best customer support. Apart from our experts deliver the eCommerce development projects on time and fulfill the client’s expectations.

ecommerce development
ecommerce development company

At Ownly Digital, we create the perfect blend of beautiful front end design and complex backend coding. We always make sure that the eCommerce site should have simple navigation, transparent checkout process, and fast loading to deliver the excellent shopping experience to the customers. It is the time to have your eCommerce website and app that provides the best performance to get higher conversion rates.

eCommerce sites need to be fast enough because nowadays, internet-savvy consumers are looking for quick results. They don’t compromise on their eCommerce shopping experience. Even if your eCommerce site takes one additional second to load, then you may lose 27% of your customers. At Ownly Digital, we create the best and efficient eCommerce architecture with current trends and. We also do the clean code that helps us to make the eye catchy as well as faster and most reliable eCommerce sites. Our eCommerce website designs and development will lead you to get more conversions.

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Our eCommerce Development Services Includes

Full Customization As Per Requirements

We don't copy the same eCommerce templates for every eCommerce projects. We understand the requirement of the clients: their industry and their audiences. We do in-depth research about the client's business industry and audiences to build an effective eCommerce development strategy that can be quite helpful to meet every aspect of the client's need to have the best eCommerce store.

Scalable Solutions

eCommerce sites are not considered among those websites which may not require to scale after some time. An eCommerce site needs to have scalable solutions to meet the needs of future customers. The reason is the eCommerce site is developing at a rapid pace, and the competition is growing as well. To remain in the competition, the website holder needs to scale the website. In our eCommerce development process, we create the scalable eCommerce sites so that these sites can be at the scale without spoiling the user's experience.

Development Platforms

Our eCommerce website is not limited to just a few development platforms like Magento. We develop the eCommerce sites on all the significant platforms i.e., Magento, WooCommerce & Joomla OpenCart, and many more. We also provide the most reliable and faster hosting for the eCommerce sites. It helps to create better user experience along with leaving your competitors far behind you.

Shopping Cart Effectiveness

Shopping cart is the soul of the eCommerce websites. We create the best and reliable shopping cart for the eCommerce sites. It helps us to create the shortest click to buy journey for the customers. We always keep the checkout process as short as we can.

Secure Payment Gateway

Our developed eCommerce site can be easily integrated with all the popular payment gateways and mobile wallets. It helps to create trust in the customer's mind as well as convenient for them to make a payment. We also integrate third-party solutions for secure transactions as per the requirements. All these integrations don't affect the eCommerce website designs.

Search Engine Friendliness

Our eCommerce developer knows the value of eCommerce SEO. To make eCommerce Site SEO friendly, they do their best job to improve the technical SEO of the site. They keep the code clean, faster as well as reliable. They also keep navigation short and straightforward.

Responsive Site for Shopping

Today eCommerce customers are not sticking with the single screen. They access the eCommerce sites from multiple screens such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. That is the reason the eCommerce should match all screen sizes and resolutions.

Admin Panel Management

Admin panel allows you to have full control on your eCommerce site. In our eCommerce website development services, we design the easy to use admin panel for the clients. With the help of the admin panel, the client can add, delete, or modify the products. They can perform all these tasks with ease.

Our eCommerce Website Development Process


Planning is the initial step to get started with the project. Our team of expert eCommerce developers makes an effective plan for your eCommerce website. In the planning phase, we start with the look and feel of your website. We always design eCommerce website to reflect your company theme. Then we decide which technology should be used in the eCommerce site development. Our expert asks the crucial question from you to grab what is going on your mind. It helps us to create the perfect plan that will fulfill your eCommerce site requirements. We always do the in-depth planning so that we can provide you the exact cost of your eCommerce website development. Our planning phase makes us the best eCommerce development company in India. We offer both the hourly as well as the fixed cost of the eCommerce site development. You can also choose from our pre-build customized plans.


Designing is art without having an impressive design you can’t Because the website design is the first thing that every visitor notices. Our eCommerce designing team is full of most creative professionals. Our designers create the most impressive design for your eCommerce site and revise it again and again before making it the final design. We never compromise with the quality as well as we also maintain the brand reputation within the eCommerce site. We don’t create the entire website at once. First, we create the homepage of the website. And then after getting the approval, we create the rest of the pages of your eCommerce website. Our website design will help you to turn your visitors into your paying customers.


Designing is just a beginning for any eCommerce website. After finalizing the website design, our next step is to develop it as per our plan. We build the eCommerce site on that platform which you have selected during our planning phase. Our experienced eCommerce website developers develop your website with dedication. They always make sure that your website should be better, faster, smarter, and reliable. We never compromise on the eCommerce website performance. Our developers make sure that your eCommerce site should provide the best user experience to your customers. They also technical SEO for your eCommerce website.


Testing is the most crucial phase for any eCommerce development company in India and around the world. After developing the website as per our plan and standards. We test every single element of the eCommerce site. We check the working of all the pages, checkout process, payment gateways, carts, and so on. Our testing team never miss anything during their testing. After completing the testing process, we deliver the website to the clients or make it live from our side.


It is last but not the least step in our eCommerce website development. It has been proven that even an eye-catchy and user-friendly eCommerce website needs promotion. We also provide the eCommerce site promotion to our clients. We help them to generate a valuable lead for their eCommerce store. In our promotion phase, we include content creation, landing page optimization, CTA creation, social media marketing, and lots more other effective marketing strategies.

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