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Frequently asked questions

How Long Does It Take To Create A Website?
The length of time it takes to create a completely practical internet site is primarily based on quite a few factors. Custom plan work can take anywhere from 1 - four weeks, relying on the complexity of the format and the wide variety of revisions you require. The development segment requires an additional 1 - 6 weeks, relying on the variety of pages, and the performance required. Of course, these are well-known guidelines, and we will make each and every effort to meet the timeframe you have in mind.
What Is The Average Cost For A Website?
It is difficult to quote an average price, due to the giant vary in requirements for a site. According to BusinessWeek Online, a clothier might cost $2,000 or extra for a simple Web site, no longer consisting of Web internet hosting fees. If you take a look at out BuyerZone.com, you will see that a four - 6 web page template-based web page will fee round $400, whilst a full custom diagram will come in closer to $800 - $1500. Other authoritative sources typically quote in the $1,000 - $2,000 range. There are many, many factors that impact the final cost of any given website, and we motivate you to examine our article regarding Website pricing for more facts and instruction in looking out for your Website provider.
How Much Do You Charge For Web Site Design?
A thoroughly customized, unique internet site format starts offevolved at $449, and page development is $50 - $75 each. Pricing for other services and functionality are outlined one at a time on our pricing web page to help you decide and manage the amount of your investment. We additionally provide our customers with a special estimate earlier than any work begins..
What Kind Of Technology Do You Support?
We specialize in XHTML, CSS and Flash, but are very skilled with JavaScript, DHTML, XML, PHP, and others. Although it is unlikely, if there may be something we can not do, we can attain out to our network of partners for additional offerings (at no extra fee to you).
Can I See My Website While It's In Progress?.
Absolutely! In fact, we motivate it. We build your internet site on our development server, and furnish you with a username and password so that you can log in and reveal the development of your site. During this phase, we motivate your feedback if some thing isn't pretty the way you expected it or if you've got modified your mind. Once your website is ready and you have provided your approval, we launch it live on your server and put up your URL to the primary search engines.
How Many Changes Can I Make To My Site Without Additional Cost?
We give as much latitude as we possibly can. After you've identified the general format and color schemes of your preferred design, we'll complete up to 2 rounds of major revisions at no charge. All minor revisions are provided at no charge.
Are Any Other Services Included In Your Web Design And Development Costs?
Yes. Our web design and development provider consists of configuration of your e mail accounts, designated month-to-month visitors reviews and fundamental search engine optimization services. Basic website positioning consists of submission of your web site to the foremost search engines, and the setup of your predominant metatag statistics (Page Title, Description and Keywords). Additionally, your website is built from the floor up with search engine friendly applied sciences and methods.
We Are A Very Small Company With A Limited Budget. Do You Offer Any Design Templates?
This is a query we regularly receive from startup corporations and entrepreneurs. Although we don't provide plan templates today, we are planning to launch a gallery of templates special to Spritz in October, 2007. Please test lower back with us soon, or ship us an email to inquire further.
Is A Custom Design Really That Much More Valuable Than An Attractive Template?
In general, we do not suggest the use of templates, however they may additionally be suitable in certain situations. For example, if you certainly ought to have a website online launched within the area of a few days, or if you are on an mainly restrained budget, a template might be an applicable temporary solution. However, these instances ought to be the exception as a substitute than the rule for these reasons: 1. Most templates do not conform to vital usability and search engine guidelines. If you're no longer meeting the needs of your users, or if the search engines can't effortlessly index your site, then you'll virtually be wasting your valuable time and money with this approach. 2. Most templates do not lend themselves to speedy or handy modification. If you require sketch modifications, it's vital to understand that they can substantially enlarge your total cost. 3. Templates bought from the major on-line providers might also be used hundreds or even hundreds of times, even through your own competitors. A cookie cutter plan does not attract a lot lasting attention. Good diagram is a reflection of your business, your strategy and your audience.
If Design Templates Aren't Such A Great Idea, Why Will You Be Offering Them In The Future?
As with all of our custom designs, our templates will conform to vital usability principals and be constructed from the ground up the use of solid, search engine pleasant techniques. We use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which facilitate changes to a site's visual look and usual layout. Not only does it limit graph time modifications, but it additionally also presents larger control in setting up a layout just the way you want it.
High customer retention rate.
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When Is Payment Required For Your Web Site Design And Development Services?
For small projects, 50% of the estimated fee should be furnished prior to opening work, with the remaining fee due upon completion of the project. For larger projects, an preliminary payment representing one-third of the estimated whole charge is required. The 2nd fee is required upon the halfway point, with the closing 1/3 due upon completion of the project.
I Need Some Changes On My Web Site Or Template. Do You Provide That Service?
Yes! For one time changes, we will furnish you with an estimate before commencing the work and cost at our trendy hourly rate. If you count on everyday wants for maintenance, one of our Ongoing Maintenance Plans might also be more good value for you.
What Is The Best Approach For Content Maintenance On My Site?
Spritz Web Solutions gives three alternatives for keeping and refreshing your web page content. We don't care which alternative you choose, however we strongly encourage you to replace your web page regularly. The Pay as You Go Plan: Call us when you need to add to or make a trade to your content. We'll whole your request inside forty eight hours, and bill you at our standard hourly rate. Urgent requests can generally be executed within a few hours for an additional charge. Ongoing Maintenance Plan: Sign up for one of our ongoing renovation plans, and you will receive a cut price on our trendy rates. Content Management System (CMS): Purchase a Content Management System from Spritz and make all the changes you want. Perfect if your website requires customary updates. Resources Articles FAQ's Web Design / Development eCommerce Search Engine Optimization Search Marketing Web Hosting Domain Names Tools
What Is Involved In Setting Up An ECommerce Website?
First, of course, you will need a site plan and the normal purposeful elements of a website, such as a contact form. For general eCommerce functionality, you will need quite a few extra components: an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, a merchant account, a fee gateway, a back-end database for processing orders and storing client information, and a purchasing cart solution. Spritz can assist you with all of these items.
I'm Only Selling A Few Products. Can You Set Me Up With PayPal?
Yes. If you solely have a handful of products, you can use PayPal for charge processing. However, you apprehend that your customers will be directed to PayPal's site whilst setting their order. Also, as your income grow, it will end up extra competitively priced to change to a popular service provider plan.
Is An SSL For A Domain Name Also Valid For Its Sub-Domains?
No, except you get a wildcard certficate, the SSL certificates is only valid for the precise area or sub-domain that you registered it for. If you require an SSL for a sub-domain, maintain in thinking that the sub-domain has to be on a dedicated IP address.
Will I Have To Redo My Entire Website To Make It Search Engine Optimized?
There are many tiers of search engine optimization, and a lot will rely on how your web page used to be in the beginning built. Changing the site's structure is typically the most involved alteration. However, there are many other items inside your website online that can be modified greater without difficulty and quickly.
When Will I Start Seeing Results Of SEO?
The timeframe varies from a few days to many weeks, depending on when your site is re-indexed..
What Are Search Engine Spiders?
Search engine spiders (also called "crawlers" or "bots") are packages that browse the Internet for web pages. They index and rank every page they find, primarily based on problem count number and a range of different factors. The spiders work on special algorithms programmed by using software program engineers for the a number of engines.
What Is PageRank?
PageRank is a time period used with the aid of Google that displays their device for rating pages on the basis of their significance and relevance to certain keywords. If PageRank likes your web page and finds it useful according to its parameters you will obtain a high rating on the search result page.
What Is Black Hat SEO?
Many internet site use "black hat" strategies in an attempt to trick the search engines for higher results. These techniques encompass page cloaking, link farms, reproduction content, keyword spamming and many others. These methods might also work temporarily, but search engines are getting extra sophisticated. Eventually, your website will be penalized or banned altogether.
Are Keywords In Domain Names Important?
Yes, key phrases in a domain name are taken into consideration via the search engines. We don't comprehend precisely how lots of a factor this is in finding out search rank, however we recognize that key phrases in a area identify are now not weighed nearly as closely as the key phrases in your title tags and web page content.
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